Who We Are

"The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side."

Margaret Carty

OFFERIS Invoice is being developed by young, open minded, experienced team of developers with one common target - to bring you new dimension of handling invoices. Diversity is very important in our team. Just like everywhere - everybody is good at something. Effective communication and open mindness is what opens us new horizons in software developement which ends in providing more opportunities for our customers to empower their business. That's our main mission - to satisfy the needs of your commerce.

What We Do

  • Analyzing customers needs
  • Consulting with our users via feedback
  • Developing software for you
  • Providing support of our products
  • Collecting feedback from active users
  • Releasing updates based on your needs
  • Brightening usecases
  • Adding new possibilities for our customers
We are here for you. Any time you need us. We are fully aware that support is important part of software-as-service. You can contact us any time via direct email.
Absolute Reliability
Years OfExperiences
Our team makes use of know-how collected during years of software developement. This helps us creating better experience of using OFFERIS Invoice for you more effectively.
Years Of Experiences
Strong Willpower
Keeping positive attitude to work is important for our team. Only thereby can we fulfill our mission to bring you high quality software that spares your resources.
Strong Willpower
Open Minded Thinking
Very important for us is not to get stucked. Therefore is our team opened for new ideas that brings you something very useful. Do not hesitate to leave us any type of feedback - we appreciate it.
Open Minded Thinking